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Resources & Support

Client Assistance

The HOPE Cancer Help Centre responds quickly and flexibly, providing peer-to-peer support to cancer patients in Saskatoon and area, and limited funding for uninsured health services for those who fall between the cracks.

A large portion of HOPE's budget is spent on Client Assistance.

Requests for prescription drugs, medical supplies, and nutritional supplements are given top priority.

Through the Client assistance Program, since 2007, HOPE has responded to 1,615 requests and provided $210, 000 in financial support to Saskatchewan cancer patients. This funding was used to provide medical treatments, prescriptions, devices, and services not covered by SaskHealth - in addition to travel and accommodations for cancer patients who must travel to receive health care not provided in their home communities.

Social workers, doctors, nurses, and other health professionals dealing with cancer patients contact us, when those patients are not able to obtain help from the province or through any other social agency.

Examples of Client Assistance include:

  • Medication to soothe the pain from radiation burns for individuals unable to afford the cost of the drug
  • Nutritional supplies (Ensure, Boost) and feeding tube supplies after patients are released from hospital.
  • Aid in the purchase of ongoing ostomy supplies for patients who've lost part of their intestine or colon
  • The purchase of an oxygen tank-equipped walker, for a cancer survivor suffering mobility issues.
  • Aid in the rental of a wheelchair so patients can return home with family during palliative care, or continue taking university classes during treatment and recovery


Support Groups

In addition to our CanCope Support Group, we offer Healing Through Relaxation, designed for cancer patients and survivors. Meetings include information sharing, discussion, and relaxation exercises. Unlike other agencies, HOPE's moderators are cancer survivors themselves - and they will go above and beyond to meet you in person, whenever you need to talk. Both groups meet twice a month. For full details, contact hopesaskatoon@sasktel.net.

Relaxation and Meditation Support Group 2009



HOPE offers a number of workshops, in response to patient demand.

Some of the ones offered in 2014 include:

  • Lymphoedema education
  • Stress Management
  • Yoga practice
  • Journaling and Creating Mandalas
  • Nutrition Matters



HOPE maintains a comprehensive lending library at its office on Pinehouse Drive, which is available to everyone. Resources include books on various cancers and treatments, coping mechanisms, and more. HOPE also lends out supplies such as walkers and sheepskin blankets. Patients may also access the internet for more resources while visiting our Centre.

For more information, call (306) 955-4673 or e-mail us.

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