Hope Cancer Help Centre
Hope Cancer Help Centre

About Us and Acknowledgements

Make a difference to cancer patients in your community. Give HOPE.

HOPE Cancer Help Centre's mission is to give hope and comfort to people with cancer in Saskatoon and area. We seek to improve quality of life by serving local cancer patients who fall through the cracks.

HOPE Cancer Help Centre Inc. is a grassroots Saskatoon registered charity that provides peer-to-peer support, and "fills the gaps" that other health or social agencies are often unable to address. We respond quickly and flexibly to the daily requests for support and assistance we receive.

Unlike other groups, HOPE does not receive any government funding.

Every dollar we raise stays in Saskatoon and area.

HOPE was founded in 1989 by Lilah Brehon, Marie Thiessen, and Olga Stefaniuk. All three battled cancer, and felt it was crucial that Saskatoon establish its own patient-run group to support cancer patients and survivors, no matter what kind of cancer they suffered from.

Through the 1990s, the organization was run from patients' homes and by a group of incredibly dedicated volunteers. A decade later, requests for HOPE's programs had grown so much that the non-profit group opened an office, to better serve patients.


2018-19 Board of Directors:

  • Jack Walton
  • Randy Wilk
  • Arlene Walton



The activities of the HOPE Cancer Help Centre are made possible through the generous support of individuals, volunteers, service clubs and private-sector sponsors.

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